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Date Added:2014-06-16 12:33:56  by Gary Robinson

" The product works perfect and smartly, providing me much of help and fun."

Date Added:2015-05-06 08:19:23  by Terry Wilkes

" As far, I have not detected any default from it, having been using for months. A reliable product I think is."

Date Added:2015-08-24 02:21:00  by Bill Hoffman

" It comes to me as a surprise when I first apply it. It is a lot of fun. Well, I am still learning more functions of it and will be get more fun."

Date Added:2014-06-27 06:38:24  by Dustin Sullenger

" You can create powerful photos or dynamic digital works by it. It is easy to learn and handle with it. The adjustments and fixes can be easily and quickly made, too."

Date Added:2013-12-17 04:21:13  by Michael Traasdahl

" On the whole, this is a satisfying purchase experience from a reliable website. The product is much cheaper and of course is genuine."

Date Added:2015-05-15 04:46:45  by John Lucarelli

" I would extend my thanks to this website and to the customer service, who have offered me a lot of help. Thanks for your patience and advice."

Date Added:2014-01-26 11:00:24  by Jennifer Saunders

" I was not sure which to buy at first. On one hand, I want to get a product that can meet all my needs. On the other hand, I want it to be economic. Luckily, that’s it."

Date Added:2015-06-27 10:07:33  by Richard Law

" I find it work smoothly. Maybe I will buy another one in the near future. Hope I can get a discount. Lol."

Date Added:2015-05-02 04:53:48  by Rick Eichhorn

" My friend asked me where I bought this from… yes, it is a good product."

Date Added:2014-10-13 06:53:41  by WILLIAM DOOLEY

" Neat! That’s the product I want."

Product Description

Corel® Paint it! let anyone unleash their inner aspiring artist. With just three simple steps, this photo-painting application helps you transform a photo into a unique, hand-painted work of art. Fun for the entire family, Corel Paint it! Includes multiple painting styles, brushes, and delightful effects that let you add a touch of individuality to your creative endeavors. Friends and family will marvel at your painted masterpieces, which are perfect for scrapbooking, memory keeping, and gift giving.

What’s New

Corel® Paint it! is not just another photo-painting filter. It relies on your input, letting you control the painting process while encouraging your creative spirit. You can start and stop the painting at any time, restore original details from the photo, and add your own special touches.

The result is a unique, hand-painted, personalized portrait that’s sure to ‘wow’ your friends and family. Whatever your hobby, interest, skill level, or motivation, Corel Paint it! lets you create art from your photos. It’s easy and fun, and your masterpieces will be perfect for jazzing up that scrapbook, family album, greeting card, or any other visually creative endeavor.

The sleek Corel Paint it! workspace is uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Turn your photo into a painting

It starts with a photo.

Whether it’s a snapshot of a baby or other loved ones, a cherished pet, or a stunning landscape, all you have to do is choose a photo to get started.

Then, you simply pick a painting style.

Painting styles

The Photo Painting panel is located on the right side of the workspace and provides several preset painting styles. All of the painting presets pick up color, intensity, and lightness from the original photo and then apply brushstrokes in the style that you choose.

Restoring detail

In addition to letting you stop and restart the painting process at any time, Corel Paint it! lets you restore detail from the original photo. For example, you may want to restore detail to a subject’s face. When the auto-painting process is complete, the Restore area is automatically activated. The Restore area gives you access to the Soft Edge Cloner brush, which restores detail gradually. This helps you fine-tune a portrait by picking up original photographic detail. You can adjust the size and opacity of the brush, making it easy to touch up any photo painting.

Add creative flair

By giving you the ability to add delightful effects to your photo painting, Corel Paint it! towers over its competitors. With a broad range of brushes and exciting effects, you can add personal touches of creative flair to your painted photos. Whether it’s a dazzling border, a fiery glow, or simply sprayed on graffiti — the possibilities are endless.

What’s more, you can also use these brushes and effects on a photo, without turning it into a painting. You can add doodles, sparkles, and unique, eye-catching distortions that give new life to any photo. For scrapbookers and album makers, you can use these striking effects to make your pages ‘pop’ with visual interest.

Share your painted memories

After you’ve produced a painted portrait, or applied stimulating effects to a photo, Corel Paint it! lets you save and print your creations.

You can save photos and photo paintings in JPEG (JPG), TIFF (TIF), and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) formats. These widely used formats are perfect for sharing through e-mail, publishing to a blog or social network, or sending to a professional print or frame shop.

System Requirements

Windows® version:

Windows XP, Vista®, or Windows® 7 (with latest Service Pack)

Pentium® IV, 700 MHz or greater

1 GB of RAM


24-bit color display

1024 × 768 screen resolution

140 MB of hard disk space for installation

Mac OS® version:

Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 (with latest revision)

Intel® Macintosh®

1 GB of RAM


24-bit color display

1024 × 768 screen resolution

140 MB of hard disk space for installation